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we share experiences about sex,toys,private time moments,no position discrimination and all the pleassure
pics and sex stories

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fantasies Date: 06/08/17
my first gay experience was with a friend 1 year older than me i was tooo young.. before 18s... and i was so coconouthead about gay relationships or gay sex but my imagination was in some cocks and... ... Read More
What are you doing next weekend? Date: 06/07/17
maybe party-relax and after some nature walking if i have money those days if i dont then watch some tv show on my computer eating milk and some chocolate cake i dont know ... Read More
If you could be someone famous for 24 hours, who would you be and what would... Date: 06/07/17
would be polemic, i mean what is the point of being famous if u dont have some schandals? help people do some comercial sign asses,chest,dicks,balls.boobs lol probably will send a big message for... ... Read More
What would you chose as your last meal? There are no budget restrictions. Date: 06/07/17
I think i love meat,and sweetsalty sauces maybe 3 meats chicken,fish and some rizzoto with lot of cheese carbonara one of my favorites pig(love pigs... many kind of juss-sodas-creamy liquids and... ... Read More

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